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BadCube BC Evil Bug Corps OTS-05 / 06 / 07 Claymore, Hypno, Kickbutt (Shrapnel, Bombshell, Kickback) Collector's Version 14cm / 5.5"
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Features: *Reissue Version would be chrome version for collectors Reissue version of OTS-05 / 06 / 07, Evil Bug Corp of Badcude (a classic studio for 3rd party transformers). The whole painting would be close to the images of insecticons in G1 animation ( partly silver paintings, non-transparent yellow chest armor, purple painting for insect mode). Whole set may include (depending on the final products, not confirmed yet): The new collector version may includes:  3 × Main figures3 × Guns3 × Energon cubes2 × replaceable face for OTS-05 & OTS-07 The Collector's version is said to include new features as below: - transparent chest armor and electroplated parts included. - There would also be bounce-back mechanism on the joints of each figure.  - Weapons can be carried by both robot mode and insect mode.   Status:  2021-9 In stock.   Parameters:  Producer BadCube (BC) Size Robot Form Approx. 14cm (5.5...
BadCube BC OTS-15 OTS15 Security Director Recon Red Alert 18cm
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Features: This OTS-15 Recon (Red Alert) by BadCube (3rd party transformer studio) is a MP sized robot, diehard followers of steamroll (these two robots are not simple redecos, boasting a lot of difference in details. ) Highlights in design:- Baking Finish painting - Rifle can be hidden under the carriage, shoulder cannons can also be hidden directly into the vehicle during transformation- Openable doors, bonnet, head lights, changeable faces for the robot form - 4 rotatable high quality silicone tires.- better proportion (narrower) chest, thinner legs, closer to the Classic G1 image of red alert.    Features: 2021-4 A few sets In stock.    Parameters:  Producer BadCube (BC) Size Robot Form Approx. 18cm (7 Inches) Tall Material ABS Plastic  Shipment From China Note MP Size


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