• Dec 03, 2018
  • by Hextom Collaborator

Well, this set (even without a code) is an KO version of WB03F of Warbotron from KBB (Kubianbao), a decent 4th party transformer producer.

You can buy this set at TFSAFARI: KBB Dinobot Grimlock Gunpla Version

1. Multiview after building

 Well, different from the two sets issued before this grimlock (megatron, shockwave) , after building we have the T-rex but not the robot. 

No special painting,  just original color of the ABS plastic, however the color is surprisingly coordinated and quite close to the G1 animation. 

2. Head Details (T-Rex Form) 

The mouth can be open, the neck is rotatable.  Ball-and-socket joint for the front paws.

3. Multiview of the robot form.

This T-rex can transform (though the design of the transformation is simple)
Quite coordinated physical proportion, strong and tough grimlock, the leader of dinobots. 

 4. Upper Body Details (Robot Form)

Eyes are not transparent parts(probably for the sake of reducing the cost)
Rotatable neck, ball-and-socket joint on the shoulders and elbows.

5. Lower Body Details (Robot Form)

Flat-rotatable waist and thighs, ball-and-socket hip joint.
Flexible knee and ankle joints.

6. Movability

Quite good movability for a D grade gun-pla like toy. Moderate tightness of the joints enables the toy to make different postures easily. 


1. Decent quality, better than the two sets issued before (shockwave, megatron).

2. Quite an interesting toy to build and play with, however the painting and details are kind of simple. Anyway you can't expect buying a collectible toy with this price.