• Dec 03, 2018
  • by Shuo Lin

This MFT MF-34 Huge Dragon (Omega Supreme), is a original design by MFT MechFansToys (Yes, believe your eye, surprisingly, orginal design from an almost 4th party studio who used to do modified models mainly).

Summary before u read. You can buy this toy at TFSAFARI.

(1) Quite solid plastic with great painting, quite desirable design.
(2) With all classic elements maintained (Rocket arms, launch base mode, dismantling transformation and etc), new creations have also been added (the spider tank mode, power suit mode)
(3) A highly recommended toy, not only for your showcase, but also of a lot of fun to play with.

Now let's start:

1. Unboxing:
1.1 Blister packing (clear to see the status of the toys without opening);
1.2 Contains main body ×1, Head (tank) ×1, Hall of armor ×2, Shoulder cannons ×2,rails (wings) ×2, Power suite accessories pack ×2 (However the whole pack doesn't contain a power suite itself, probably due to no space left in the box)

Geared up. Pose for the unboxing.


2. Multiview
2.1 Don't u think this guy looks kind of on the side of justice at the first glance?
2.2 The whole figure as well as its details looks quite G1.
2.3 Mainly primary color of the plastic is applied. Almost no electroplating, however the overall color scheme still looks quite comfortable and coordinated.
2.4 Height: About 9 Inches, we see it's a compatible size with other pocket size robots from MFT.


3. Head
3.1 It do show enough details in carving
3.2 Why the red "pigtail" erecting? Fury of the dragon?
3.3 Silver painting on the pipes is not delicate enough.
3.4 Neck can be flat turned.

 4. Upper body. 
4.1 Multidirectional shaft on shoulder, gear joint.
4.2 Upper arm can be flat turned
4.3 Gear Joint can also be seen on the elbow
4.4 Waist can be flat turned.
4.5 Movable Range and Strength Test: arms can be raised to different angles easily, strength is good, no rickets. right claw can be spreaded.

5. Lower body.
5.1 Leg can be flat turned.
5.2 gear joint can be seen on the knee.
5.3 Ankle can also be flexibly turned.
5.4 Feet can be 90° bended.
5.5 Movable Range and Strength Test: Yes this big guy can do splits, you see. no problem with one knee on ground. tightness is good and proper, no rickets.

 6. Whole body movability.
See some poses. Hand feeling is excellent when playing with this toy. Plastic used is quite good. Fantastic movability.

7. Mini Tank (Transformed from the head of the robot)
7.1 Quite Cute tank, in accordance with the G1 setting of Omega Supreme.
7.2 Surprisingly we have silver plating on the pedrail, quite desirable detail.
7.3 Turret can be flat turned and cannon can be raised.

8. Rocket (Transformed from the right arm.)
I have to say MFT is really using very good plastic for this toy. The texture is really good.
A small hatch door on the rocket can be open.


9. Shoulder Cannons 
9.1 Gold and silver plating, texture is really fantastic, no flaws found (at least on mine)
9.2 Machinery arm is hidden in the cannon.
9.3 Even the hidden arm has an elbow joint and can be flat turned.

10. Power Suit Mode
10.1 With the original arms detached and should cannons equipped (hidden arms stretched out)
10.2 This should be a new design invented by MFT.
10.3 Probably we can say it's a power suit of the power suit(Though there's no power suite included in the pack. How can it be!)

11 Spider tank Mode
Another mode invented by MFT (with two shanks detatched), maybe we can call it spider tank? Wierd name but quite interesting mode right?


12. Launch base mode 1
Better play it together with a power suite (though it's not included in the pack)



13. Launch base mode 2
Quite G1 isn't it? Rocket ready to Launch.


14. Hall of armor 1(All Terrain track for power suit)
You get this from evey MFT purchase.


15. Hall of armor 2 (Jetpack for power suit)
OK, this is a HUGE dragon toy so you get two.