• Dec 20, 2018
  • by Frankie Lin

This is an review translated from local forum, c/o belonging to the author. 

1. Unboxing

Whole set includes: 
1× Medic toy figure;
1 x Articulated Fist
1 x Laser Gun
1 x Therapeutic Gun
1 × Figure card
1 × Instructions.

2. Multiview of the figure

2.1 A G1 figure with diversified carving details, makes it more like a cybertronian in robot form. 

2.2 You have to put the all the weight on one feet only when making postures. The main problem is with the ankle, poor flexibility is disabling the two feet from completely being grounded. 

3. Head Carving

The back side of the head is kind of cute (like an blue evil with horns? How do you think)?

4. Upper Body

4.1 Front window on the chest is blue plastic (The two black round "eyes" looks inexplicably funny, we shall see them later in the ambulance form)

4.2 Red cross painting on the shoulder, and again, a lot of separated blue windows on the arm. 

4.3 Arms can be flat rotated, and 90° side raised.

4.4 A Little scanner and a control panel are equipped on the left and right arms, Homage to G1. 

 5. Lower Body

5.1 Superman's classic red underpant (Well, for his dude Ironwill it's white, probably they exchange with each other?)

5.2 The hip joint should be ball-and-socket. You see the pants is also not that tight (well, actually the red skirt armor is expandable to front, both sides and back), so the movability of the legs are desirable, which is quite important. 

5.3 Thighs can be flat rotated, knees can be 90° bent. 

5.4 As mentioned at the beginning, a lot of carving details and small colored parts were added to the legs and feet, personally I kind of like it. 

6. Some Postures




7. Disguise Form

7.1 Well here comes the CARS, I am feeling like I am playing with my son's Lightening Macqueen or sth. The two eyes in the front and the back window really brings me a lot of fun. 

7.2 The transformation is quite smooth, well for TFC it is really simple to get a good design for such a classic role. However the seams are kind of too many (especially on the flanks) in disguise form. 

8. Size comparison. 


Generally this OS-03 Medic (Ratchet) is a redeco of OS-01 Ironwill (Ironhide) with some upgrade and change in details. A good choice for G1 collectors. 

Pros: The design of transformation is desirable as as all the tyres have been hidden in robot form and the backpack is not too big to be incoordinated. Very good details in painting and head carving. The disguise form is so cute (though might not be intentional by TFC)

Cons: Main defect is that the feet can't be fully grounded (same problem occurs to OS-01). The flanks of the disguise form displays too many seams and parts, not so integrated, though the front side and chassis look quite good.